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Airline Baggage Allowance Guidelines

Airline baggage allowance refers to the maximum number of luggage or weight on carry-on bags that one is allowed on airplane with. As much as these will be different from plane to plane there is an overall limit even for the biggest airplanes for passengers. Free charges on a luggage can also be limited over which the passenger will be charge on a separate cost. It is important to choose an airline carefully depending on the size of baggage you have or the budget you create on luggage transporting. This article is going to explain some of the things you need to know about airline baggage allowance.

It is important to know what is the limit on weight and number of carry-on bags. The variables that limit a carry-on include type of airplane you are using and the limit imposed on passenger loads. This is to say a small commuter plane does not allow the same size of carry-on’s to that allowed on jets. You should make a point of contacting the airplane company to inquire on the size of carry-on bag allowed on the particular plane you will use. Most cases when the carry-on bag is bigger than the limit one is required to remove important possessions and let the rest of the bag items get transported separately.

Secondly, sort out your carry-on bag keenly. Take the items that will be essential for your during and after the flight as you wait for the rest of the luggage to reach you. Top priority items to carry include your travel papers and any medication you must keep. Other items which will get you going once you reach your destination include a pair of inner wear and cosmetics. Entertainment like music players and magazines will keep you busy through the flight especially when traveling over long distances. Even ear plugs can keep the noise away in case of crying babies or active business people around you.

Another tip to on airline luggage allowance is to watch your weight limit. Even though one carry-on bag is permitted the weight it carries has a lot to be considered. In the US the restricted weight goes up to 50pounds and not over 70 pounds. In the case that a baggage has extra weight than the allowed weight for carry-on bags it will be transported separately from what you carry.

Consider what will be charged on any second luggage. Most small airplanes might charge as low as $15. While other will also charge single bags determined by the regulations they have stipulated on airline baggage. Create a flexible budget that will allow your baggage get through for transportation. Ask the airline if there will be extra costs charged on the luggage. It is important to make inquiries in advance before going to the airline to ensure you are not delayed thus miss your flight.