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How to Choose a Fishing Charter

Selecting the right fishing charter can make a tremendous difference between a fantastic adventure with the ocean and sheer frustration. Hence, you need to spend time doing your research so you can have a great fishing experience without spending a fortune. Everywhere on the coasts, you will hear and see adverts for charter trips. Best thing to do is ignore them. Some of them may be really great charters, but they are no way to select one.

First things first, decide on the kind of fish you’re interested in. Different charters focus on different species, so make sure you go with a charter that is in line with your plans.

The next thing to do is ask for referrals from people around you. As soon as you have prospects, do some online research on them. What have you learned about them from the reviews? What about their rates? How is their overall reputation like? While doing your research, keep in mind that expensive isn’t always best, and neither is cheap. It’s always wise to go for reasonable. You need not spend a lot of money for something that you can get for less, as long as the quality is the same.

After learning more about them online, go visit them personally. The best time is when they’re coming in, which is generally in the afternoon. This will let you see the results yourself. Which charters brought in the most fish? You should also approach the anglers and ask regarding their experience.

When visiting the charters, don’t pay too much attention to the quality or the size of the boat. The one driving the boat is always more important. Talk to the captains and tell them your expectations. Also ask them about their experience and what makes their charter different from the rest. Know the equipment and techniques they use. As you talk to the captains, try to catch a vibe of their passion for fishing and desire to give their customers a great experience.

Visiting the charters in person is also a good way to see which ones are busy and which aren’t. If most of them had set out and one isn’t booked, maybe it’s best to avoid that charter.

Finally, don’t think you can plan to go on a fishing trip today and actually be on one tomorrow. That is of course possible but hardly recommended. You should have enough time to go through your options and compare them, before actually choosing one. Very importantly, make it a point to ask lots of questions! Otherwise, you will end up looking at the price alone, which isn’t exactly the right way to pick a fishing charter.

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