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How to Take and Use Cialis?

The generic name of Cialis is Tadalafil and it is being used to treat male sexual function problems similar to ED or Erectile Dysfunction and impotence. In conjunction with sexual stimulation, it helps in increasing blood flow to the manhood to help the man get an erection and keep it for long.

Tadalafil is used to treat symptoms of enlarged prostate too. This is a huge help to relieve symptoms of BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia such as difficulty in starting the flow of urine, having weak stream, the need to urinate more often or urgently like in the middle of the night and so forth. Tadalafil is actually thought to work by means of relaxing smooth muscles in the bladder and prostate.

This drug is not providing protection against STDs such as hepatitis B, syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV. Practicing safe sex with the use of latex condoms is still what most doctors recommend. You have to consider consulting your pharmacist or doctor in order to get more details.

Your pharmacist is going to provide you with leaflets on how to use this and you must allot time to read it. This is basically important both when taking tadalafil and asking for a refill. If you have any questions, you should ask your pharmacist or doctor. Regardless if you have full or empty stomach, there is no problem in taking the medication. This is true so long as you are following your doctor’s direction. The dosage is based primarily on your medical condition, other medications you take and your response to the treatment. Make sure that you inform your doctor as well as pharmacist regarding the products you are using from nonprescription drugs, prescription drugs and herbal products.

When treating BPH symptoms, this mediation should be taken as per doctor’s direction which is typically once a day. Say that you are also taking up finasteride to alleviate symptoms of BPH, then it is a must that you let you ask your doctor how long you should take this.

To be able to treat ED, there are a couple of ways that cialis can be prescribed. Your doctor will first determine which is the ideal way to take it. The first approach is to take the meds only when it is needed which is usually 30 minutes before you have a sexual activity. The second method is by taking cialis on a regular basis. If you are going to take the medication like this, it will be feasible for you to have sexual intercourse at any time of the day that you want.

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